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It’s definitely not news to anyone that Oregonians love their weed. As America becomes more health conscious and dispensaries become more and more prevalent, the logical result will be an influx of dispensaries and a decrease of unhealthy chain food. For owners who have opened up dispensaries in the state of Oregon, marijuana shops have grown to become more than budding and booming businesses. With a total of 281 marijuana businesses, this recent finding has urged that the amount of dispensaries could very well be compared to franchises of popular food chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks. The majority of Oregon’s dispensaries are locations in Portland with 120 currently open for business.

Aside from medicinal or medical use, Oregon has also permitted marijuana to be used for recreational purposes which has increased the demand and appeal.  Oregon already has the second-highest number of medical marijuana patients, running close behind Colorado. In Oregon, over 250 medical marijuana dispensaries were immediately able to sell to recreational customers, while in Colorado there were just 24 marijuana businesses able to open on the first day of legalization — and Washington had only four. As a matter of fact, in Oregon the marijuana industry (both medical and recreational) is already becoming as striking and evident as large-scale fast food corporations, with more locations in the state than both Starbucks and McDonald’s. They have 248 and 205 locations, respectively.

It is important to note that many a variety of businesses and owners make up the 281 marijuana shops across the state, while Starbucks and McDonald’s are individual businesses. For example, the overall number of marijuana shops or dispensaries are not being compared or contrasted to the total number of fast food or coffee shops, but to specific fast food and coffee corporations. However, it still shows how marijuana is quickly becoming a very important part of the economy and of pop culture.


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