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The Oregon Liquor Control Commission have decided to implement another set of temporary rules for producers, processors, and retailers. Now outdoor marijuana grows in Southern Oregon, that have been in full operation for years, have new rules to comply with in relation to public safety and security. cites Rob Patridge of the OLCC, “You know we are trying to make sure our rules accommodate as many rural Oregonians as we can”. Patridge said, “Does everybody need a huge fence in rural Oregon, does everybody really need video when they don’t even have electricity?”.

After the OLCC took an entire day learning about specific worries, they are reevaluating secure security plans. Southern Oregonian growers have expressed that many of the recent regulations are completely unnecessary.

At present, Southern Oregon marijuana growers are suggesting different solutions to the security obstacles being faced. One is regarding about surveillance video to an online cloud. Locations like Williams and the Applegate are already seeing challenges with dependable internet connection; while uploading may be completely out of the question. Outdoor growers are submitting waivers with the state – doing their absolute to keep their hard work alive.

Brent Kenyon of Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine was quoted saying, “I think there was a huge disconnect in how people thought marijuana was grown, and how it was produced, and the types of people, I think that was the biggest misconception”. He added, “A lot of folks are realizing what a boost it’s going to be, and that can potentially help our schools and roads and everything locally”.

The OLCC will meet this week to go over their findings on some of the rural farms in order to decide what will be changed in order to further accommodate outdoor southern Oregon growers.

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