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As of next Tuesday, October 15, all flavored vape products will be banned for six months. The decision was made by Oregon Liquor Control Commission and Oregon Health Association, and includes all vape liquids that contain any flavoring.

This comes after weeks of reported lung illness and death across the country.

THC, CBD, and nicotine are all part of the ban. However, if there’s been no flavoring, terpenes, or extra flavor added, the liquids are allowed to be sold. That is, unless those items are linked to illness too; in which case Governor Kate Brown reserves the right to pull them as well.

Nicotine and cannabis retailers violating the ban could be fined up to $500 per day per violation, according to the two agencies. Cannabis retailers could also lose their license.

OLCC chair Paul Rosenbaum told the people packed into the commission’s meeting room Friday that his board’s goal was not to get into the way of the legal marijuana industry. But the agency’s first concern always must be safety, he said.

“The public health and safety of the constituents of this state are themost important thing that we have,” Rosenbaum said.

The flavored THC-product ban includes all vape products flavored with chemicals that aren’t extracted from cannabis, even if the chemicals extracted from other plants are identical to the ones occurring naturally in cannabis.

The OLCC board made the unanimous decision before a room packed with cannabis processors, distillers and others who will be affected by the ban.

Many within the cannabis industry view the decision as reactionary, and not based on proper facts.

Earlier this month Gov. Kate Brown had ordered the temporary ban. Several other states, including Washington, New York, Michigan and Rhode Island, have also imposed temporary bans.

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