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This past Saturday we had so much fun celebrating Oregon cannabis with everyone who came to The 3rd Annual Summer Fair hosted by The Oregon Cannabis Association! This year’s Summer Fair was another sold out event put on by the OCA; where hundreds of people gathered together from the public and Oregon cannabis community. The Summer Fair gave all who attended an afternoon full of chill vibes, entertaining festivities, and fun conversations with the cannassuers, producers, and exhibitors that are a huge part of the Oregon cannabis industry. We stayed lifted with everything from low dose THC infused snow cones courtesy of Green Leaf Labs, Leif Goods’ mountain of Bon Bons, and that 7 gram Hamilton cannagar packed full of Silver Tip from Bull Run Craft Cannabis that made its way around the crowd. 

At the entrance of The 3rd Annual Summer Fair all were greeted with friendly smiles, feel good music, and the intoxicating smell of fair food. The consumption area had people teaming up for cornhole games, a face painting station, a photo booth, and even a dunk tank! There was plenty of space to chill, soak your feet, and chat with friends while cooling off with one of the 1000 snow cones handed out on a scorching hot day. 

Jessica McClain of Moon Shine Gardens had a fun time connecting with those in the Oregon cannabis community while taking pictures at the photo booth and sharing more about her experience at The Summer Fair.

“This was Moon Shine Gardens second year at Summer Fair and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! The OCA provides such a fun and unique opportunity to connect with Oregon cannassuers face to face. As a small family run operation it is easy to get caught up in doing what we love on the farm and is so refreshing to dive into the vibrant energy of Oregon’s cannabis culture all gathered together in one place! The aesthetic this year was beautiful and the whole logistics team that makes the fair happen are all absolute ROCK STARS! They put forth so much energy and passion into changing the stigma against cannabis. We are proud to be members and to be part of such an epic event. We are already looking forward to next years event!”.

Cofounder of Cloud Cover Cannabis, Joel Ruggiero, who was sharing prerolls by the dozens throughout the event conveyed how The Summer Fair is the best event for consumers and producers alike.

“Our focus as a company is trying to be a really high quality indoor flower producer, so being able to be apart of an amazing event like The Summer Fair gives us a real opportunity to introduce our products to the consumers first hand. It’s great to be able to interact with so many people and share our flower with them too!”

We, The Daily Leaf, had a blast sponsoring the consumption experience again this year and loved having the opportunity to meet so many new people! CBD Relief helped make the mood mellow and kept spirits high with their CBD dab station with flavors like grapefruit and lemon ginger. Cloud Cover Cannabis was close by with a table full of prerolls of their strains Katsu Bubba Kush and The White to puff on, as folks roamed around meeting new friends and learning about the many sides of the Oregon cannabis industry. Müru was passing out cups of refreshing Cannabucha samples; while Dab Society Extracts, Pistil Point Cannabis, Elite Xtrx, and Viola Extracts kept things on a high note with several different dabbing and vaporizer strains and flavors to try and savor. 

While sharing some uninfused tasty treats, Botanica Portland’s Michael McDonald spoke with us about having a great time connecting with so many different aspects of the cannabis community.

“In a increasingly competitive industry, feeling a sense of connectedness and fellowship is always so refreshing at these events. It really allows you to rediscover your inspiration and the reasons for why we work so hard to keep this industry growing. Connecting with various producers and brands in the industry and taking dabs on the patio next to some other big edible brands in the industry was validating, inspiring, and reminded me that we’re all in this together. And yay for delicious, free Kombucha!!”.

Inside the event, just past the consumption area, it was bustling with people silk screening with Make and Mary, while others were chowing down on cotton candy from Phyre Cannabis, and getting CBD massages from Empower BodyCare at the Select Oil cool down space. Grön, Leif Goods, and Botanica Portland made sure to that our taste buds were highly satisfied with all their canna delights. 

As the title sponsor of The Summer Fair, Jesse Peters and the Eco Firma Farms team were sharing their new Reefer Rolls and a variety of their top shelf strains to show consumers. These all bud prerolls were a choice blend of their Pineapple flower and Sherbet kief. While learning more about the Reefers Rolls that have yet to hit Oregon dispensaries, we had the opportunity to speak with Jesse and some of the Eco Firma Farms team members about this year’s event and their involvement. 

“We’ve been working with the Oregon Cannabis Association since it’s conception and we love being apart of this really awesome event. It’s great to have a laidback space where there is open consumption and so many different people. As one of the founding members of OCA we do our best to take it up a level every year. This event is for all of us and it’s not just about business, it’s about having fun!”. 

While having a chance to try some delicious chocolate dipped marshmallows, I caught up with Carrie Solomon who’s one of the owners of Leif Goods about how The Summer Fair is one of the only events helping normalize cannabis consumption.

“Our mission with our products has always been to normalized the consumption of cannabis and this event is doing that as well. The Summer Fair is really important because it gives regular people the opportunity to meet the makers and sort of experiment, try, and learn together while meeting new people. It’s also another great way to bring new people to the community.”

The Summer Fair decor and color scheme was so sophisticated and rich that it brought a ton of vibrancy and energy to the entire space. Yvonne Perez Emerson of Make and Mary said her design studio,The Study, designed all of the graphics for this years Summer Fair. 

“It was great to see it come to life. We got a lot of compliments on the branding! We had such a great time at the fair. So many people stopped by to talk to us, check out our products, and do a little silk screening. That was a big hit! I had so many folks say they had not done silk screening since high school! It was great”.

Samantha Montanaro of Toketivity and her team spread tons of positivity by bringing buckets and buckets of fresh local flowers for guests of The Summer Fair. 

“This is something we’ve done over the last couple years to get creative by making flower crowns, boutonnieres and hair pieces. That is EXACTLY what Tokeativity is: being active and consuming cannabis. Events like The Summer Fair are shattering stigmas and changing people’s minds about using cannabis, and we are motivated to continue sharing the good word”. 

Phantom Farms’ Clarke Peterson had some samples of their Lemon Kush, Black Cherry Soda, and even their Dope Cup Winner for Best CBD Strain Mighty Quinn that confirmed why their flower is mighty tasty. Clarke explains why The Summer Fair is the best cannabis event to be apart of.

“We are members of OCA and they do a tremendous job of connecting the industry by making it really inclusive. This event is the best event out there, especially for consumers who are able to come in and meet the farms and the processors. Not only do we get the opportunity to meet the consumer but the consumer also has the chance to taste it really makes it truly unique in Oregon. You don’t see that anywhere else”.

Other highlights of the The Oregon Cannabis Association 3rd Annual Summer Fair were the Gnome Grown Organics marching band, the ice cold lemonade paired with lemonade live resin dabs from Dab Society Extracts, Sweet Cannabis providing a wide welcome at the front with tons of swag, the High Noon Cultivation pirates, the Sirius Black dabs from Lifestyle Farms, tattoos from East Fork Cultivars, and the abundance of joints, flower samples, swag, and tons of giveaways! 

Steve Brusell of Orchid Essentials made an important statement while serving up some samples of their Kombucha.

“This was an amazing event put on by The Oregon Cannabis Association. The feel good was definitely near and seeing all the canna-fam is always awesome. The Summer Fair is a truly historic trade show that focuses on the consumers, what a time to be alive!”.

The 3rd Annual Summer Fair was hands down the best cannabis event of the year and is still the only cannabis consumption friendly function in the Oregon cannabis industry. The Summer Fair and the OCA continue to provide a safe atmosphere where everyone feels welcome to freely partake together and further build community. Events like The 3rd Annual Summer Fair are paving the way for future consumption friendly events; not only by helping connect the consumers with the creators but contributing to the quality of the Oregon cannabis community in a really big way. 

The Summer Fair was and still is an authentic representation of the kindness and positivity that’s shared amongst every person in the Oregon cannabis community. We can’t wait until the next Summer Fair and it was a great experience meeting and seeing so many happy and passionate people all celebrating Oregon cannabis! 

Thanks again to the Oregon Cannabis Association for hosting and putting together such a fantastic event and welcoming all of us to join in on the fun! We are looking forward to being apart of next year’s Summer Fair, where we can continue to honor, puff up, and commend how monumental Oregon cannabis and the Oregon cannabis industry has become. 


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