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Cloud Cover’s seasonal selection of premier cultivars features new arrivals Sour Tangie, Flo, Orange Ghost, Valley Girl, and Chem de La Chem along with the award-winning Presidential Kush. Cloud Cover is outfitted with a group of esteemed experts specializing in a modernized approach to cultivation and a methodical focus on exclusively curated strains, each with distinct attributes that accomodate consumers of all genres.

Starting with the stellar sativa dominant hybrid Orange Ghost is just the kickstart many will want to feel juiced up for the day ahead. The name is justified by the cloudy euphoric vision that settles into the eyes and its succulent smell of Satsumas. An innovative greenthumb in the world of cannabis horticulture, Obsul33t crosses Ghost OG with Orange Juice Bud. Orange Ghost nugs have a zingy bite of sharp citrus behind the faint sweetness and hazy hints of jasmine and orange blossoms. Bracing fumes of primrose and mock orange flowers that have a refreshing mint odor will sweep over the zestier smells.

Orange Ghost will have wake and bakers switching up their morning routine with a bowl of Orange Ghost instead of the common cup of coffee. For early risers and people that incorporate marijuana into their daily meditation session, Orange Ghost sets up users with a little extra pep to takeover the day towards while treating the body to a feelgood vibes. Casting a shadow on any high strung agitation or wound up reflexes, Orange Ghost clears up  chronic unease with an rejuvenated headspace. The hulking hush of tranquility provided by the Ghost OG parent is toned down by Orange Juice’s modest revitalizing character without completely ghosting the highly envied full-bodied euphoria of the Ghost. The air headed high eventually ripens into a gently concentrated stimulation that allows one to remain freely active, despite a feeling like a space case. Both relaxing and uplifting Orange Ghost from Cloud Cover is a great strain to launch you into a lengthy day or if you’re down for taking advantage of a “no work and all play” attitude that will surely be induced.

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