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Written by Sheena Beronio

Canada – Ontario Cannabis Store or OCS, the sole legal online in Ontario that sells adult-use cannabis products, sold out their cannabis edibles in just hours. This shows the strong demand for cannabis edibles in Canada’s market.

OCS’s Cannabis 2.0 products such as vapes and edibles like cookies, soft chews, mints, tea, and chocolate were sold online in Ontario. All in all, there were 70 types of regulated products sold. These products are lodged on the company’s physical stores for two weeks now, but the edibles went viral when it was posted online.

Cannabis companies in Canada are looking forward to grabbing exceptional sales of their 2.0 cannabis products from markets such as Ontario and British Columbia. The expectation might have something to do with the massive turn out of edible sales in Ontario. On the initial period of cannabis legalization in the country, cannabis companies were disappointed at the dire sales they’ve suffered in the first year.

Ontario Cannabis Store Communications Director, Daffyd Roderick said that 3,000 pending customers were waiting for product availability from January 2020. OCS had 2,000 online transactions made in just their first hour.

“In less than half an hour, we were sold out of the soft chew category, and other edible products were becoming very limited,” as per Roderick in an email for Marijuana Business Daily.

Roderick said that as of now, all edible products are sold out, but the availability of vape cartridges and batteries are “reasonable” in number.

Vaping suffered bad press last year with news releases about its potentially damaging effect on the lungs. News publications tallied dozens of deaths directly related to vaping while 1,000 of the other cases were injury-related. 

As per news releases, the main culprit for the adverse effects of vaping stems from its Vitamin E acetate ingredient. Vitamin E acetate is a thickening agent on illegal THC vape cartridges that’s usually sold in the black market. Hard as they may clean their names, the legal cannabis vaping market still suffered from the blow.

OCS will replenish their edible products again when the physical stores are given an equal share of available edible products. Meanwhile, topicals, concentrates, and beverages will be sold on OCS’s physical stores in the coming months.

“We know that the retail store network launch of these products was tremendously successful, and we’re now offering the same products to our e-commerce customers.” This is what OCS Chief Executive Cal Bricker noted from a press release.

Last October 2019, there were 33 million Canadian dollars or $25 million worth of cannabis products sold in Ontario.