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If you read The Daily Leaf regularly, you know that your trusty correspondent occasionally turns to CBD heavy strains when he struggles with anxiety. But finding a CBD strain in just the right proportion can be a tricky thing, and city dispensaries seem to go through cycles of availability. But beyond the difficulties of finding a reliable supply of affordable high quality CBD strains, anybody foolish enough to expect their nearest dispensary to have CBD strain pre-rolls on hand is likely to be disappointed. That’s why we were so excited to be introduced to a new CBD line from East Fork Cultivars, which we’ll be exploring in a few posts over the course of the next week. Today, we’re taking a look at the Old School Strain CBD Pre-Roll from East Fork Cultivars.

The tightly rolled, long-roached, half gram joints bear some resemblance to a Virginia Slim, but this guy isn’t complaining; he’s always preferred a long and narrow doobie. We weren’t able to give the product quite the thorough look and smell test that we typically apply to flower, as we didn’t have enough testers on hand to tear a few apart and smoke the others. Despite our inadequate examination, these pre-rolls gave off a mildly sweet earthy aroma with hints of a citrus taste in the mouth as we pulled air through the unlit joint. The burn was smooth and even, the smoke relatively easy on the throat and lungs.

Each of East Fork Cultivars’ CBD pre-rolls has a distinct CBD to THC balance, and the Old School strain comes out at nearly 1:1, with a combined 14.7% cannabinoid content. The growers say the experience is something akin to smoking the kind of weed my mom grew up on. And that’s probably about right. This is a fantastic smoke for relief after a hard day of physical activity, or for old folks or newbies looking for a low-stress way to try out this legal weed thing. We liked it quite a bit, but not as much as other East Fork Cultivars pre-roll options, which we’ll look over the coming days. And that’s not to say this isn’t a great smoke for many occasions; in our case, however, we prefer either a high THC strain with just a dash of CBD to mellow the experience or a CBD-only strain for pain and stress relief. For those with high THC tolerance, this 1:1 may not do the trick.