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According to Marijuana Business Daily, the Oregon’s Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is beginning to take steps by a establishing a new program for marijuana entrepreneurs in order to make it easier for businesses to continue to be sustainable. For anyone unfamiliar with the OLCC, they oversee the creation and implementation of state rules and regulate Oregon’s recreational cannabis industry.

The program is specifically designed to help answer any questions marijuana entrepreneurs may have about getting their marijuana business prepped and ready for the licensing process. They even plan to publish a “business readiness guidebook” for business owners in addition to the workshops.

The Oregonian also announced that the commission has put together a Powerpoint on its website to help deliver a basic idea of the presentation. This is so that if anyone interested in taking workshops but are unable to attend can still stay up to date and continue to be involved.

The fundamentals of the cannabis industry as well as the basic framework of regulatory oversight, including which agencies are in charge of which and a briefing on federal guidelines are some of the topics outlined in the presentation. It also goes over a timeline for implementing recreational, covers tips about  how to comply with local laws and regulations, as well as providing contact information for state agencies.

The guidebook, can be a great asset for marijuana entrepreneurs who are looking to acquire a business license, an overview of the types of licenses, potential business opportunities, and information on zoning and building codes.


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