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New packaging and labeling rules will be enforced starting October 1st, 2016. What does that mean for product sitting on dispensary shelves right now? Jamie Dickinson, OLCC Department Head, is extremely concerned that there have been only 43 packages and 20 labels approved for the marketplace come a month from now.

Thankfully, this past Friday, The Oregon Cannabis Association (OCA) held a forum with members of the OLCC and OHA to give those in attendance an update and answer every question and concern.  There was a great turnout of around 300 concerned dispensary owners, producers, processors, etc. who have at the very least walked away from a somber beginning to Labor Day Weekend with confirmation and definition for what to expect in a few weeks.

We were on hand to grab some footage to ensure those who were not in attendance were able to still digest what might be confusing.  The biggest points being addressed in this update are the conversion of rules for packaging and labeling on October 1st. The reality that stuck in is that there is a shit ton of inventory that is currently on dispensary shelves that will not be legal to sell in 4 weeks!

The reason it will not be legal is because every single package and label that is seen in a dispensary will need to have been approved by the OLCC.  Now look, the OLCC is most certainly working with the industry to streamline the procedure so the conversation does not need to lean towards am immediate negative reaction towards the systems being put in place.  BUT it could be confusing.  Understanding what goes in a child-proof exit bag vs single use packaging, how edible mg dosage needs to be portrayed, what will need to be reported with generic labels, and so on…. it’s a lot to digest.

Take a few minutes to watch…it’s important.  We’ve outlined what is being talked about so you can skip around


Topics Of Interest: minute listing

Discussion on back-stock

Vendors not taking product back

packaging vs labeling

are there approved pop top containers?


Update on the application submission and approval so far

Can a non compliant package go in a complaint exit package?
Discussion on non child resistant packaging

Discussion on generic labels..what needs to be submitted

How will a dispensary know if a companies label/package has been approved by OLCC?

Number of labels that have been approved
17 medical
3 recreational

CTS training needs to be scheduled if you are a dispensary
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