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As of yesterday, recreational cannabis consumers in Oregon may have to wait another month or two before marijuana infused treats are available for purchase, according to the manager of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

The Bend Bulletin reports that the Oregon Health Authority still needs to write up temporary rules for sales regarding marijuana infused edible sales, as well as defining what equates”low-dosage”. This is just after Gov. Kate Brown signed and approved Senate Bill 1511, allowing low-dosage edibles to be legally purchased by recreational consumers just last week.

SB 1511 allows the OHA to determine the definition of “low dose”. Oregon dispensary owners mentioned that they consider a low dose to be about 5 to 10 milligrams of cannabinoids. Products in those confines are already available, they said.

The law currently permits a recreational marijuana consumer to purchase a single serving of a low-dose edible (cookies, chocolate, teas etc.) and one low-dose cartridge for a vaporizer pen. These are products that are already available for purchase, in differing doses, available to Oregon Medical Marijuana Program cardholders.

“The same rules that will apply to low-dose edibles are likely to be similar to the edible market for medical marijuana cardholders,” said Jeremy Kwit, owner of Bloom Well, a Bend dispensary. “The difference will be the dosage,”.

The Oregon Health Authority is mapping out rules now, said André Ourso, manager of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, but he said the rules might not be ready until early summertime.

“We don’t have a specific date in mind; we’re preparing to do it as quickly as we can,” Ourso said Monday. “That may be a month or two months,” cited the Bend Bulletin.

The company director of Bend dispensary DiamondTree, Summer Latchford, said their three locations (two in Bend and one in Madras) has products on the shelves in stock for medical users that should meet a low-dose definition.

“We’ll probably offer it in individual candies and beverages with 5 milligram and 3 milligram” doses, said Summer Latchford, company director at DiamondTree. “We have cold-brew coffee in 8 ounce containers,” for example, she told the Bend Bulletin.

Owner of High Grade Organics, Nick Harsell, made a good point “Processors will have to repackage or make new batches for the recreational market,” he said. “I’m holding off taking in edibles until I see that definition,” in regards to what is considered a low-dosage.

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