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This is just a little reminder for anyone needing clarification on the OHA’s expanded early sales program, via the Oregon Cannabis Association. As some of you may know, the Oregon Health Authority has officially released an informational bulletin announcing that early sales of some extracts (pre-filled receptacles containing no more than 1000 mg THC), edibles (15mg THC) and non-psychoactive topicals (less than 6% THC) are set to begin on June 2nd.

Here is the latest update from the Oregon Health Authority, explaining what dispensaries can expect as they open up more “early sales” for recreational customers, allowing them to purchase additional products before recreational stores are open. This is great news for many who have anxiously awaited access to these cannabis products.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • These rules are temporary. Between now and June 2nd, OHA will most surely release supplementary rules.
  • OHA will be supplying specific clarification on issues as well as dabbling with the temporary language.
  • There is no definition of “pre-filled receptacle.” This definition is being developed and will be released soon.

If these rules will effects you, please be sure to read the full text of the bulletin and the draft rules.

The Oregon Cannabis Association and The Daily Leaf will continue to update you as the OHA’s rules are developed ahead of the June 2 implementation date.

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