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Deep Creek Gardens is a local cultivator of premier and exotic strains that has gained notoriety for the many accolades and awards won at the 2018 Dope Cup for “Best Sativa” for their Ice Queen, “Best Terpene Profile” for their Pineapple Fields, and “Best CBD Flower” for their Huckleberry Web. Deep Creek Gardens has been closely collaborating with Dynasty Genetics from the very beginning, cultivating and creating a cream of the crop line of award-winning cannabis. 

Deep Creek Gardens

One of the more rare strains coming from the Deep Creek Gardens field of flavorful flowers is OG Maui GSC. This crafty cross of genetics gathers the heady and electric spirit of Maui OG and takes that stony steamroll effect of GSC Donuts, and jam packs it into a full gram preroll that’s ready to be roasted. Get ready to be in preroll paradise and get whisked away by the undertones of tropical terps, the subtle yet raw silky pine flavored smoke that’s both aromatic in its essence and bold on the inhale, and carefree vibes that will leave all the chaos and craziness of the day in the dust.

OG Maui GSC from Deep Creek Gardens will make its move on you in a major way from the moment you initially inhale until the last bit of ember is flicked away and turns to ash. Allow this strain to smooth away all your rough edges and overcome an aggravated attitude. The undeniably crisp flavor has a fruity, slightly tangy taste that will fill your lungs with deliciousness delight. Blending two staple strains guarantees a euphoric hurricane and may have some sidelined on the couch as they adjust to the sedative heaviness of the GSC side. This Deep Creek Gardens favorite is ready to take the reins and get any user saddled up for an ideal day or evening that will be filled with pure contentment.