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With Oregon unable to quite decide whether it’s time to move out of winter, our weekend hiking plans went out the window. Stuck inside and planning to give the house a solid cleaning, we were looking for a heavy hitter to power through the dust rags and dishes. We popped down to the dispensary to find a strain with both a terpy bouquet and a high number. We brought home a quarter ounce nug of the OG Cookie Dawg strain and steamed on through Monday. And guess what? Our house is pretty pretty clean right now.

We know it doesn’t really matter what our bud looks like, but this is some lovely marijuana. Fat and dense buds with hints of blue tones in the dark green herb are coated with a positive snowstorm of fat white trichomes. When temperatures eventually do warm up, this snow will keep you cool. Long orange pistils dot the bud, with a bouquet that hits with the straight up fuel that can be expected from its Chemdawg and OG genetics. The fuel topnotes mellow into a smoothly herbacious finish with a touch of spice.

It’s also a relatively balanced India leaning hybrid with a slow come-on. The OG Cookie Daw strain manages to walk the tightrope between the euphoric (and occasionally anxiety producing) sativa buzz and the danger of couchlock that comes with many indicas. You’re definitely gonna get high if you put this in your pipe, but you’re not going to be down for the count.
We burned it along with a deep (and perhaps premature) Spring cleaning, but it would have done the job just as well if it had gone along on the hike, as originally planned. We’d recommend the strain for those who enjoy OG lineages with a touch a fuel and want a heavy hitter that won’t keep them locked down.