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Music, movies, live performances, video games, and friends engulfed in happy smoke clouds. All these elements were present as Herbs TV put on its’ very first event last week in NYC called “Frass At The Palace”.  As cannabis continues to trend in the right direction, it was only a matter of time before companies out of NYC like Herbs TV start to experiment with what could be possible in the state that just approved medical marijuana programs earlier in the year.

Since NYC is not as open as states like Oregon or Colorado about cannabis consumption, the event was held at an undisclosed location with the only way of knowing the whereabouts being through an RSVP. People gathered to support & enjoy themselves while they were getting “Frass At The Palace.” “Frass” being the West Indian way of saying “high,” was a perfect way to describe how attendees felt when the heavenly herbal aroma filled the warehouse.

You know when you’re somewhere having a great time with your peeps and someone or something messes it up? Well, none of that happened. Herbs TV showed and proved to everyone that with the proper preparation and an exclusive guest list only good vibes will follow.  Event organizer Mike McKenzie said, “We want to thank all those who came out and supported this experience. As the landscape of this industry grows, we want our name to start to be synonymous in fusing lifestyle with cannabis.”

Energetic performances from artists showcasing their talents occurred throughout the night. When performances weren’t going on there was constant music from DJ Cam Dooley, cannabis cult classic Friday playing  on a projector on a wall, and a NBA 2K station. I know what your thinking, “how can you not love this?”. The answer was evident as partygoers were surrounded by all types of entertainment. When it’s a “BYOW” event, all eyes are high eyes. Glossed over by the “W” & enjoyment of a environment with positive energy people can only leave with three things on their mind. This was dope, i’ll be at the next one, I hope I still have my lighter!

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