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Noelle Crombie of The Oregonian confirmed the reminder announced by The Oregon Health Authority Monday morning: Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries are not permitted to sponsor raffles or any kind of contests that incorporate free marijuana as an award.

The OHA publication was officially broadcasted at the beginning of the week of 4/20, which is nationally known as a marijuana holiday across the states. To read the full memo go to

According to the memo:

Limited Marijuana Retail Sales What you can sell:

  • “A dispensary participating in limited retail sales may sell up to one-quarter ounce of dried leaves and flower per day to an adult-use retail consumer and four immature marijuana plants to the same adult-use retail consumer at any time between October 1, 2015 and December 31, 2016.”
  •  “A dispensary participating in limited retail sales MAY NOT SELL edibles, extracts, or topicals to adult-use retail consumers until OHA has adopted temporary rules to implement Senate Bill 1511, adopted by the Legislature during the 2016 legislative session.”
  • No raffles, drawings or other games to Win Prizes

André Ourso, manager of the state’s medical marijuana program, was quoted saying, “Marijuana may not be given as a prize, premium or consideration for a lottery, contest, game of chance, game of skill or competition of any kind”.

Ourso also made it clear to remind Oregon medical dispensaries that no on-site marijuana consumption is allowed unless it’s by a dispensary employee. The state of Oregon does permit employees of Oregon medical dispensaries who are medical marijuana patients to consume marijuana at work as long as they are by themselves and behind closed doors. However, due to the Oregon Indoor Clean Act, consumption cannot include “smoking, combusting, inhaling, vaporizing or aerosolizing.”

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