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This is exactly why we encourage recreational users and medical patients alike to utilize the Try 5 rule before something like what happened to Nick Jonas happens to you. For celebrity Nick Jonas neglecting to start slow with dosage included some very public and uncomfortable effects.

Several sources have confirmed that Nick Jonas admitted to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show to eating a ‘weed lollipop before the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards. What happened next was a bit of unexpected excitement on the red carpet.

Jonas supposedly tried the lollipop (something he said “never happens”), had a tough time adjusting to its side effects, then went to the Young Hollywood Awards show where he accidentally popped a NARB on the red carpet and fumbled all throughout his award presentation.

Nick Jonas eat marijuana lollipopAs crazy as it sounds, Jonas went into detail about his very public, pot infused lollipop-induced “NARB” (that would stand for ‘no apparent reason boner’) with Jimmy.

The 23 year-old former Disney Channel star was on Fallon to promote his new album “Last Year Was Complicated” when the topic turned to the edibles trip in 2014. Jonas tried a friend’s cannabis-infused candy, saying, “I did it, enjoyed the night, felt great, went to bed feeling fine.”

But when he awoke the next morning, he was higher than before and “everything was in slow motion.”

He took a shower, then the anxiety came on, with voices saying, “Your life is over, you’re gonna die.”

“It’s horrible,” he said.

He then popped the NARB on the way down to the awards show, walked the entire red carpet with both hands over his junk, and then bombed his award presentation, he said.

“I walked offstage, looked at my manager and said, ‘Do you think anybody knew?’ said Nick. ‘Yes, they definitely did,’ his manager told him.

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