DabTabs™ Modernize Vape Tech With Shatterizer

When the DabTabs™ brand was released at the end of last year, it was clear that the innovators at ilo Vapor™ were concentrated on not only reinventing vaporizer technology, but enhancing the vaporization experience with modernized, sophisticated, user friendly products. The first DabTabsʼ product to be released to the Oregon cannabis market were DabTabs™ dablets. Dablets […]

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Jay-Z Enters The Cannabis Industry

Billionaire rapper and business man Jay-Z continues to make big time moves and has just announced his knew partnership with a cannabis company based in California. According to The Daily Caller, Jay-Z is the most recent musician to partake in the radically flourishing cannabis industry as a brand strategist with a California cannabis dispensary, according […]

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Producer-Processor Feature: Capital Cannabis

Capital Cannabis is an Oregon based vertically integrated Producer-Processor, dominating the recreational cannabis market by developing primo products and cultivating cardinal quality flowers with a steadfast in house groundwork. A profoundly recognized name with a vertically integrated product line which includes premium preroll packs, exclusive high profile flower, and their premier run of their extremely […]

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Illinois Cannabis Convictions Up for Expungement

Last month, Illinois legalized recreational cannabis use with House Bill 1438. Along with the legalization, the legislation allows for hundreds of thousands of marijuana-related arrests and Illinois cannabis convictions to be eligible for expungements. Residents may purchase and possess up to 1 ounce (30 grams) of marijuana at a time. Non-residents may have 15 grams. […]

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Greater Goods CBD Chocolate Bars

Greater Goods CBD Chocolate Bars The creators of Greater Goods are well established innovators within the health and wellness community. Delivering exquisitely delicious CBD infused products as an alternate option for those with hectic lifestyles that are looking for a bit of resiliency, Greater Goods CBD Chocolate Bars are the type of confection that truly gives […]

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