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After significant discontent within the cannabis business community over the past two months after changes to the cannabis testing framework, the Oregon Department of Agriculture has announced a temporary change in the testing regime. New marijuana testing rules will go into effect on December 2nd and will remain in place through May 30th, 2017.

Under current rules, many growers had complained about high testing costs and shortages in lab testing capacity. The Oregon Health Authority has issued a notice summarizing these temporary changes,  and we’ve shared some of the most relevant highlights below.

  • The definition of “harvest lot” has been changed to allow more than one strain and to clarify that any marijuana harvested within a 48 hour period is part of the same harvest lot if it was cultivated using the same growing practices and is cured under uniform conditions.
  • Samples of different batches of usable marijuana may be combined for purposes of testing for potency if the batches are the same strain.
  • If a registrant requested a reanalysis and the sample passes, the registrant has 7 calendar days from the date the laboratory sent notice of the passed test to request that another laboratory resample the batch and confirm the passing test result.  The retesting must be completed by the second laboratory within 30 days from the date the retesting was requested.
  • Process validation is being replaced with one control study, reducing testing from three consecutive process lots to just one process lot.

The list of changes is long, and we encourage those affected to review the full testing rules at Though this change has no bearing on what future rules might be once the temporary rulemaking expires, it seems to indicate that the voices of cannabis producers may be being heard when they speak out about the significant additional financial burden that can be imposed by testing requirements.