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“When purity is your passion, you don’t settle for acceptable, or even meeting industry standards. You go beyond. The result is Muru.”

Muru Cannabis Syrup is an awesome product that is comprised of natural ingredients, processed using ecologically-friendly methods, and made with excellence to improve your daily well-being. I was able to try out a bottle of their Blackberry Lemon, and over the course of a week, I added it with delightful results to coffee, tea, and ginger ale. Per the suggested 2oz serving(okay maybe a bit more here and there), my overall mood and physical state were improved for hours at a time. The effects begin to wash over me after a half hour or so, leaving me content and chill without losing motivation. In fact, I’d say that Muru Cannabis Syrup probably increased my productivity. Don’t ask my editor for confirmation of that, please.

Though I’m not the biggest fan of lemon, I do love blackberry, and the lemon flavor wasn’t overwhelming. I’m fairly sure I’m the odd one out and that most people like lemon, so this won’t be a problem for most. Muru Cannabis Syrup is in a 2 oz. bottle with a serving size of 5.9 mL (or a teaspoon , with each serving containing 5mg of THC.  There are 10, 5mg servings in each bottle equivelnt to the Oregon state limit of 50mg of THC per bottle. It’s sugar-free, water-soluble, non-GMO, with no artificial sugars or flavors. Each bottle has just 6g carbs, and zero sodium, sugar or fat.

We choose to use real food colors and flavors both because they are beautiful ingredients and because we’d rather not involve the chemical industry in our products. The vegetable glycerine used in Muru is sourced from ethically harvested palm plantations. It is our goal to always be making our product line better for the customer and the planet. We want to take all of the guesswork out so that our customers can just stir in some Muru and enjoy a taste of nature.

“The Muru team hails from the Northwest where we all strive to lead healthy, creative, and full lives. In Oregon, we are utterly surrounded by breathtaking nature. The big trees, gorgeous mountains, and epic views are what inspire our creative process. It’s our hope that every bottle of muru carries a bit of that NW inspiration on to our customers.”