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Mule Extracts is a family-owned and operated artisanal cannabis company based in Oregon. As a collective of cannabis enthusiasts, the in house team has been closely following cannabis legalization and the rapidly changing trends within the industry. With a superlative line of full spectrum CO2 vape cartridges and cannabis infused culinary sugars, Mule Extracts is catching the eye of cannabis connoisseurs all throughout the Oregon market.

Taking the high road is the company motto that is congruent with their company goal and vision of honoring the authentic essense of cannabis, while preserving its value as a nutritional and culinary alternative with a plethora of benefits. Incorporating a progressive process in order to provide the highest quality product, Mule Extracts utilizes only the freshest of ingredients combined with five-star strain specific cannabis from some of Oregon’s most accomplished organic cultivators.

Mule Extracts’ leading priority is to ensure that cannabis consumers have access to the safest, most flavorful, and potent cannabis based products. Crafted for both medical or recreational users, Mule Extracts’ diverse line of additive-free full spectrum strain specific vape cartridges are available in THC/CBD options that deliver a unique cannabis experience suitable for any consumer preference. Mule Extracts vape cartridges are a full spectrum CO2 and essential oil vape solution that promotes an enhanced vaporizing experience and improves the well-being of consumers alike.

Mule Extracts uses the synergistic combination of cannabis and essential oils to create an unmatched user experience. From THC/CBD 1:1 Cherry Wine/Elvis and high CBD 5:1 Blue Orchid to high THC content strains like Tangie and Moby Dick, each strain specific vape cartridge is unlike the other. Vape cartridge users will taste the difference with each draw from one of these full spectrum CO vape cartridges. Expect a mouthful of flavor and a superior experience with every vape session.

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