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Chances are that most have heard the term “moonrocks” thrown around, but it is likely it could be confusing what a moonrock actually is.  Furthermore in the Oregon recreational cannabis market there are only a few dispensaries in town that have them in stock to be purchased, so it is not a common item to stumble upon.  That is why we are here to educate on the baddest moonrock game this side of California produced by Club Sky High.

Moonrocks are a combination of whole weed nugs, dropped in oil and then smothered in kief.  This combination produces a hard rock looking product that leaves you in a state of comatose.  By taking a nug that usually tests around 20%, and adding oil and kief you are making that THC percentage skyrocket to usually over 50%.

Personally, my favorite way to smoke moonrocks is via a blunt, but one can conserve and make a gram of moonrocks last a few days by packing your favorite bowl, bong, or bubbler.

We met with Toby, Owner of Club Sky High, a couple weeks ago at the Oregon Growers Fair and he broke us off some of their exclusive White Russian Moonrocks. The White Russian strain is a staple for Club Sky High, breeding some of the best genetics of this cross between AK-47 and White Widow has to offer.

While I know the severity of what a blunt of moonrocks will do to you, I decided to wait until we had some fresh out-of-state blood to sample this product to get an outsiders perspective on how strong these bad boys really are.  We rolled up a dutch of about 2 grams of their White Russian Moonrocks and had 5 New Yorkers sit down and puff tuff on it.

The Stats:

  • The blunt session lasted 45 minutes…and thats the thing when smoking wax and kief…it will make your blunt burn slow….really slooooooow, so make sure if doing how we did you will need to bring your lungs because it is no walk in the park
  • After the first round on the cypher everyone had a “ooooweeeee” face on.  The initial taste is different from smoking a regular joint or blunt.  It is strong out of the gate with an immediate punch.
  • Since you are puffing on a mixture of weed / oil / kief, the smoke is plentiful and fills the nose.  You taste all the different flavors that are in the moonrocks.
  • Some thought the taste was a little harsh after awhile…passing the blunt between 6 people, we had a few that bowed out after 10 minutes of non-stop smoking
  • After a little while, one of our New Yawkers felt a tingling sensation in their jaw.
  • Another felt a head womp come on…kind of like when you do whippits, but slightly less intense

After about a half hour the crew decided to put on the new Netflix series “Stranger Things.” The trippy 80’s themed show, both visually and musically stimulating, had everyone engaged with nothing but zonked out faces across the board.  One of our tokers started to feel his heart race as the music intensified…another passed out a half hour in…Only 2 were left standing tall to the very last puff…and by standing tall I mean heavily leant on the couch.

If you are interested in purchasing some of Club Sky High’s famous moonrocks, click here