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With cannabis becoming more accepted in our country, it has allowed for new business in this industry to rapidly grow. Take the roll of a Budtender for example. Many people look to budtending as an entry point in, with the hopes of moving up the chain of command; gaining connections, figuring out the complex system of ruling and regulations, and allowing for progress of oneself within this ecosystem of marijuana. As we are still so fresh into this new world, chances are being takin every day in the hopes that the right moves are being made.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mackenzie Maier, owner of Miss Mack’s Medibles, who has found herself on this trajectory. Mackenzie first got herself involved years ago, before there was any recreational cannabis allowed in this country, by budtending, and then managing a local medical marijuana dispensary. Medical needs, far different from recreational wants, meant that Mackenzie had patients coming in looking for products that were consistent in strength and readily available. Before there was any system in place that made it regulation to list how many MG per package, dosage was relied upon the manufacturer’s word. It was far too common for an edible maker to say something was 100mg, when it sometimes felt like 100mg, sometimes 10mg, and sometimes made you high for 2 days straight. There was no consistency, and Mackenzie thought that she had the capability to do it right. She had a good connection with her patients and knew what their needs were.


2 years ago Mackenzie started Miss Mack’s Medibles as a side project to her day job as manager at a dispensary to test the waters. She found 1 loyal farm and has been using the same indica strain from the same grower in all of her products. The demand for Miss Mack’s Medibles grew so much that Mackenzie left her gig at the dispensary, and has been pumping out medicated treats at a rapid pace ever since. Miss Mack’s now has a product line that suits all levels on patient demand.

One specialty of the Medible product line is their Rice Krispy Treats that have a whopping 620MG of THC in them. For many medical patients in Oregon, these treats have been a godsend. It is all too common that a patient needs a large dosage to fall asleep or treat the pain at hand. With recreational laws now limiting edibles to 50mg(once legal to sell), you can see why their is a need to keep the medical program alive. To top off a product being 620MG, they retail for only $14. Miss Mack’s Medibles are truly for the patients, and priced as such.


Mackenzie has gotten her brand Miss Mack’s Medibles into 20 dispensaries to date, and is working steadily to keep up with production to make sure that her products continue to sell. Mackenzie’s edible line has won 2 awards. In 2014 they took home 2nd Place at the Oregon Medical Cannabis Cup for their High CBD Coconut Fudge Cookies. Last year Miss Mack’s came in 3rd place for Edible List’s Best Cereal Bar for their Rice Krispy Treats.

Moving forward into the future Mackenzie is looking forward to working with other edible makers to help make sense of all of the new laws and regulations that have been put in place. Miss Mack’s will be releasing an updated product line to accommodate the recreational market, in addition to her medical products that have seen great success.

You can find Miss Mack’s Edibles all across the state.

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Salem; Herbal Grasslands, The Joint
Portland; La Mota, Club Sky High
North Portland; The Grass Shack
Beaverton; The Green Planet
Astoria; Natures Choice
Lincoln City; Renee’s Herb Shop
Corvalis; High Quality Compassion
Brookings; Bud Bros
Roseberg; La Mota