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Microdosing with marijuana and microdosed edibles is starting to become a more popular and sought after way to partake; especially among newer cannabis or edible users and those who haven’t had a positive experience with edibles in the past.

According to a group of panelists at the recent New West Summit in San Francisco, California and Business Insider, “small-dose” or microdosed edibles are considered to be one of the fastest growing parts of the cannabis industry.

Most of these microdosed edibles only contain between five to 10 milligrams of THC, which is the recommended dosage to start for newer edible or cannabis users. It’s a more controlled dose for users who have no idea what their tolerance is or for those who are consuming for recreational, rather than medicinal, purposes.

And, while there are no recorded cases of people fatally overdosing on marijuana, overdoing it can make you incredibly uncomfortable. We’ve all either heard a story or had a story about a pot brownie gone wrong, where the paranoia and the couch-lock take over or it’s just too much. No matter how high your tolerance is, not everyone can handle a 100mg squib or a an entire 400mg Gron chocolate bar.

Edible makers crafting these microdosed edibles and lower dose products, are working to make users’ lives and experiences with edibles a little less complicated.

Business Insider spoke with Kristi Knoblich, chief operating officer and cofounder of marijuana-infused chocolates company Kiva Confections, “Patients are a little bit scared of edibles,”

Kiva Confections, a marijuana-infused chocolate company based in California, has been a major leader in pioneering an avenue towards more “user-friendly” edibles. Kiva chocolate bars contain a range from 15- to 45-milligram servings of THC,  but make the bar easy to divide for smaller doses and sharing.

Knoblich describes the company’s target customer as the “more casual edible consumer.”

“It’s that person looking for a glass of wine or beer in the evening [type] experience,” Knoblich says. “We’re looking for that person who isn’t looking to get blasted.”

Défoncé Chocolatier, a newer marijuana-infused chocolate company based in Oakland, California, is also ready to make an impression on the cannabis industry with the small-dose trend and microdosed edibles. Défoncé Chocolatier chocolate bars contains a total of 180 milligrams of THC, which can be split into eighteen 10-milligram doses.

The idea that recreational users are now able to consume in smaller more controlled doses, will eventually have a better and more positive reflection on marijuana-infused edibles as a whole. It allows consumers to experience the smallest dose possible and produce a desired outcome without negative side effects that follow occasionally when we consume too much.

The good news with small dose marijuana-infused edibles: If you wait a few hours and find you’re still sober, you can always eat more, Knoblich says.

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