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We’ve reported recently on the swell of mainstream businesses offering CBD products. Now, CBD products are for sale at Family Video stores throughout Michigan.

“As soon as you put the sign out there, the customers that are already using it are coming in,” said Jason Yuhasz, regional director of operations.

“Cool now I can get my DVD and CBD,” said Yuhasz of customers’ reactions to the product. Family Video stores started carrying CBD products in December 2018.

The stores sell Natural Native CBD products, an Oklahoma-based company that grows industrial hemp in Colorado through a research partnership with Colorado State University.

“We like helping people, whether it’s get them their favorite movie that they want to watch and have a good night, or get them some more relief with the CBD,” Jennifer Gray Clio Family Video Manager.

Family Video operates more than 700 stores throughout the United States and Canada.

Their founder, discovered the benefits of CBD oils, the non-intoxicating marijuana extract which helps treat a host of medical problems, almost by accident to treat a bad case of tennis elbow.

“Our president of the company decided that he was going to start taking CBD and experienced a lot of relief from it. So, he wanted to bring that to everybody and realized it was kind of hard to find,” Gray added.

The tide of mainstream CBD products continues to wash over the country.