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Michigan Dispensaries – Due to concerns about influencing minors and medical marijuana collectives in Grand Traverse County allegedly selling more than the state’s 2.5 ounce caregiver limit to those who aren’t patients of the collectives, eight in the county have been raided and shut down. This comes with a looming December 15th deadline to shut down all dispensaries in the state, the same deadline for licensure under the state’s new system which was set forth by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

Helping Hands, Traverse City Provisioning Center, Select Pro-Visions, Superior Genetics, the Farmacy, Interlochen Alternative Health, Great Lakes Helping Hands and Green Relief were all raided in Grand Traverse County last week, and they’re not the only ones that have been effected in the state: Detroit has shut down 175 dispensaries since 2015 that were believed to be non-compliant with regulations.

Said County Prosecuting Attorney Bob Cooney in a statement: “These Michigan Dispensaries were raided after a investigation revealed that these eight establishments were operating in violation of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act by selling marihuana to persons who are not patients of the seller. As a result of those investigations, I have issued cease-and-desist notices to those eight dispensaries notifying each to cease and desist operations immediately.” The businesses have been ordered to close or face civil or potentially criminal ramifications, which could result in the seizure of the businesses and the sale of their contents and criminal action against the owners.

This brings into light one of the odd choices in leadership of the state’s medical marijuana program; one of the five members of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Licensing Board, Donald Bailey, is known to have made false statements about cannabis in the past, and had been pushing to shut down Michigan Dispensaries on September 15th, rather than the December 15th deadline. Previously a Michigan State Police Sergeant in Traverse City, he seems to have a strong bias against the program.