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The resounding support that Mendi has received as a sports brand within the cannabis and CBD industry during their first year goes beyond fellow professional athletes, within the world of sports, and the local cannabis market. With a primary purpose of promoting products that pro athletes can not only trust but confidently use as a tool for maintaining and restoring a healthy lifestyle specific to their athletic regimen, health-related habits, and any conditions or ailments that greatly affect their overall athleticism and quality of life.

In the first two months of launching their brand, Mendi was receiving a great amount of local advocacy from other female-founded cannabis companies right here in Portland. Having worked within the accelerator program called The Initiative that is solely focused on the success of female-led canna-businesses and how to assist them in their endeavors; team Mendi has taken all the proficiency and necessary knowledge to spread the message about what CBD can do for both amateur and professional athletes. Acquiring many accolades from appearing on ABC Nightline to discuss their stance on the benefits of CBD for athletes and other users to be one of the top 10 leading companies out of 130 startups at TechFestNW. Fast forward to the end of 2019 and Mendi has secured investors, solidified a payment processor partnership, elected Megan Rapinoe as their Mendi Athlete brand ambassador, and exceeded their goals by selling out of their CBD gummies while receiving a wave of praise and positive responses.

All-natural Hemp CBD Gummies

Mendi gummies are designed for the all-out athlete that may not crave a sugar rush as much as the adrenaline but still appreciates a great tasting goody. A swift slide of the coal colored tin top reveals an assortment of multicolored candies. All-natural and hemp-derived, active users will have a 25 mg dose of CBD per gummy when on the go, during the day, or when winding down after a workout or in the evening. Mendi gummies are both created and supported by athletes from step one to step done. It’s recommended to start with a low dosage. These CBD gummies can be consumed throughout the day or at night, the onset is approximately 15-60 minutes.

Hemp CBD Gel Caps

Mendi’s compelling hemp-derived CBD gel capsules provide a commonplace when it comes to consumption for athletes and those competing at high levels. Each gel cap is a single 25 mg dose of CBD. USA-grown, 3rd-party tested, and gluten-free just as all Mendi products, these capsules were made with keeping the lifestyle of athletes in mind. To maintain stability and peak performance, it has been suggested to use daily as you would a vitamin or daily supplement.

Hemp CBD Salve Stick

The Mendi CBD salve stick is 500 mg of CBD that is ready to snuff out minor aches, muscle tension, or other muscle-based afflictions athletes may experience. The Mendi salve stick can go anywhere with you, just stash it in your duffel bag and add it to your collection of CBD alternatives provided by Mendi. This is a terrific introductory option for those newer to using CBD by creating synergy between fellow athletes and is a topical that can be used for recovery and medicinal purposes. Although it’s topical, it is still recommended that a low dosage is best at the start. The salve stick can be easily rubbed onto the skin or onto the affected area for virtually instant pain relief. Re-apply every 2-3 hours. 

Interview with Rachael Rapinoe of Mendi

What was the inspiration behind the Mendi brand?

Having mend in the name is playing off of recovery and restoration, but we didn’t want it to be cliche in any way. We wanted to make the brand our own, specifically focusing on optimizing wellness and recovery for athletes. We think Mendi is gender-neutral sounding and very welcoming for everyone. 

Are Mendi products primarily meant for athletes?

As a sports brand, we are specifically speaking to people who want to stay on top of their game. Our mission is to improve the lives of all athletes using nature’s best tools. We found that athletes aren’t always given the healthiest tools to keep them performing at a high level, so they are here to provide much healthier products, while also trying to destigmatize cannabis. It has a lot of wonderful healing properties that more people need to be aware of. 

What are some of the ways athletes are using Mendi products for better overall performance? Have you received positive feedback so far?

As a brand, we believe the better you recover, the better you will perform. Sleep is a massive part of recovery, as well as neuro performance, and inflammation. The more your body works, the more likely it will flare-up. The better you can mitigate those flare-ups then your performance will be better the next day.

Sleep has been one of the biggest and most consistent pieces of feedback we are getting from our pro athletes. Stress and anxiousness are other ones, and then pain management would be our top three.

How did you choose the specific products to represent the Mendi brand?

We definitely wanted to lead with a proprietary topical, so actually were able to lean on a lot of our athletes for the conception and formulation of our salve stick. However, gummies make up a huge portion of the market so we had to come out with a product that would be an easy entry point, easy for athletes to use but also help with CBD education. A lot of athletes don’t know the difference between CBD and THC and we are breaking down these barriers by educating them. We knew a gummy would be a great entry point and they are super tasty. Who doesn’t love a good gummy? Since our target demographic are athletes and active people, health consciousness needs to be considered. Some people don’t want to put added sugar in their diet, hence the decision to also launch with a soft gel capsule. Both have 25mg of CBD per unit. 

Have you found it challenging or easy to educate your fellow athletes about Mendi products as well as CBD and THC?

I would say it’s a little of both. We’ve been doing focus groups with professional teams and athletes since last February (2019) scratching the service on CBD stigmas, fears, education and doing product demos. With a little bit of education, the barriers are broken down fairly quickly. We want to make sure we can safely guide athletes and consumers to choosing the best products that suit their recovery needs, while also staying compliant with the FDA’s rules and regulations. 

Does Mendi have other strategies to continue to progress the perspective of CBD and cannabis within sports?

Getting Mendi in front of as many people as we can, not only athletes but key decision-makers as well and medical practitioners will only help to destigmatize the plant in sports. Gaining the interest of athletes and educating medical practitioners that are working with leagues and professional teams will greatly benefit Mendi in the long run.

Photos Courtesy of Mendi