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Cannabis for cats? Dank for dogs? Piff for parrots? Last week, in our Weed In Review roundup, we shared a video of a gentleman who reported that his arthritic dog was more active and alert after he started infusing the dog’s food with CBD oil. Today, the weedy corners of the internet are exploding with reports of pet owners who have introduced CBD supplements into their pets’ diets. Though the jury is still out medical marijuana for pets, some are reporting exciting results. The next time you hear about a “drug dog”, the subject of conversation just might not be a canine involved in law enforcement.

As we’ve regularly discussed here at The Daily Leaf, federal restrictions on research involving marijuana mean that it can be difficult to make robust statements about the plant’s health benefits. These same challenges apply when it comes to animals. While the Associated Press reports that canine treatment using CBD has risen, most of the veterinarians quoted in the piece go out of their way to emphasize that there is little to no research on the impact of cannabinoids on animal health. That means that many vets are cautious about suggesting that their patients try the substance. Moreover, because the substance remains illegal and dogs aren’t typically allowed to join medical marijuana registries, even prescribing marijuana for dogs might get some veterinarians in hot water.
That said, it seems that many animal owners are reporting positive results. The AP quotes Lynne Tingle, founder of the Bay Area based Milo Foundation, a pet adoption center and animal sanctuary. Tingle reports that “You just see a real difference in their spirit. They’re just not in pain, so they’re happier and they’re moving better. They just get a new lease on life.” We’re hoping for more robust research on animal treatment with CBD. Keep your eyes on The Daily Leaf for any further updates.