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Written by Sheena Beronio

AMSTERDAM (JTA) — You can find any imaginable cannabis-infused products in the Netherlands. From lollipop, toothpaste to soap, you’ll find a good selection of cannabis-infused products. However, cannabis-infused bread is rare in the Dutch capital. You’ll need to travel to Belgium to acquire one as the Lowy bakeshop mass-produces cannabis bread, finally.

Cannabread, the first mass-produced cannabis bread, will be available for purchase in Brussel and other Belgian’s Carrefour supermarkets as per Vice Belgium. One Lowy bakeshop in Brussels sells Cannabread already. 

Charly Lowy, the owner of the Lowy bakeshop, said that 15% of their cannabread’s dough is made up of cannabis seeds. The cannabis seeds have low THC or tetrahydrocannabinol compounds, which means it can’t get you high. The bread’s THC-free feature enables it to be freely distributed in Belgium, where there are stricter marijuana policies.

Lowy bakeshop’s Cannabread ingredients are all organic, full of healthy minerals and vitamins. The bread has a slightly strong tell-tale smell of cannabis. The smell might be the reason why Belgium’s Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain raided the bakeshop back in 2018.

“The bread is intended first and foremost for people who just love bread, and different kinds of it,” Lowy told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Lowly further added that cannabis-infused products are trending right now.

Charly Lowy has a great history in baking eclectic pieces of bread like beer and a purple bread containing wild rice. His father fled from Austria to Belgium during the Nazi invasion. There, he met his wife Hania, a Jewish immigrant from Poland. Charly parents married, and the family bore three children. Charly is the youngest.

In 1947, Charly’s father established the Lowy bakeshop. When he died in 1980, Charly took over the family business and massively expanded it.

Some bakers in the Netherlands offer small batches of cannabis bread in the past, but the Lowy bakery shop is the first company to mass-produce them as per a report from the media.