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Maryland Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens Soon – After years of back and forth, a Cumberland, MA dispensary owner says he expects the business to be open come November.

The delay is primarily due to regulators dragging their feet on approving growers. Without product to sell, dispensaries couldn’t open, and Sajal Roy, one third of the owners of Allegheny Medical Marijuana Dispensary, says that they’re expecting a final inspection this month, and product to start flowing in early November.

Maryland initially chose 15 growers and 15 processors to go through a rigorous vetting process with a one year due date: those hoping to attain licensing had until the end of August to obtain licenses.

“We received word we need a sprinkler system,” said Roy, noting additional delays to their opening. “That pushed us back four weeks. But, we are about done with that, so we are ready to put in the finishing touches. We can button up the ceiling and install carpet and put in doors and countertops. We couldn’t do it because they had to test the sprinkler system.”

The state of Maryland approved medical marijuana all the way back in 2013, with extensive delays due to lawsuits directed at the state’s handling of the selection of stage one licenses for growers. The slow lurch hasn’t been for lack of interest; according to commission data, at least 12, 000 citizens of the state have signed up to become eligible for medical marijuana. Allegheny Medical Marijuana Dispensary reports on the demand they’re dealing with: “We have 1,000 patients currently registered through our dispensary,” said Roy. “About 300 have fully completed the process. The other 700 have not. So we are helping them to register with the state. They come down to my office and we help them. Some don’t have the technology needed.” They’ll also be offering to help clients with reaching out to local doctors who can help with the process.