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Food safety professionals normally don’t refer to shelf life or expiration dates as a big deal, but study results steadily point out that the general public has concerns about “use-by” and “best-by” dates. It only makes sense that people who smoke or consume marijuana would have some similar worries. So is there a specific marijuana shelf life?

Patrick Bennett, who writes for Leafly, stepped up to the plate in order to help those who have concerns about possible shelf life of aging marijuana. He is out with “Identifying Old or Bad Cannabis Past its Shelf Life,” which has some tips on how to tell if marijuana is past its due date (smoking due date that is).

Under the right conditions, Bennett writes that marijuana can have an undefined or even an “infinite shelf life”, but he says not all of it gets “this level of precision.”

In a “Cannabis 101” lesson, he shares five “cues you can use to sense if your cannabis is old or bad.” On the list are:

1. Aromatic cues — a musty, mildew smell may be a “red flag” for mold.

2 Visual cues — if too old, it will break apart “into a fine powder.”

3. Tactile cues — can you feel any moisture?

4. Audio cues — can you still feel the snap when you pull buds apart?

5. Taste test — but check for mold before you light up.

When it comes down to it, if your marijuana looks good, smells good, breaks down easily, and gives you that excellent sense of euphoria you’re looking for, you’re probably good to go. Toke up! If you haven’t had the chance or taken the time to check out your weed first, it’s probably best to give it a good look over, examine it properly and then give it a try!

All information cited from Food Safety News

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