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Marijuana Safety Tips for Parents

If you’re a parent that smokes pot, having marijuana in your household can sometimes pose as much danger as alcohol, prescription medicines, and other things kids can get curious about and get their hands on. Using common sense and having precaution when storing your cannabis will go a long way when making sure your child is safe. Today we are sharing some tips on how to keep your kids safe from marijuana and your marijuana stash safe from kids.

Tips to Help Keep your Pot Stash Safe from your Kid

  1. Always make sure to create and establish clear distinct boundaries in your house such as rooms, privacy, personal belongings and overall respect. If there aren’t set boundaries it can become chaotic over time. Make sure everybody is on the same page and responsible for respecting all boundaries. No snooping around or invading the privacy of others, and no going through people’s things.
  2. Designate a specific location to keep your stash. Out of sight, out of mind, and most of all out of reach.
  3. Always put your weed and smoking accessories away when you are finished having a session, even if you are going to be going back for more in thirty minutes.
  4. Keep your stash in a high place, out of reach. A high shelf in the closet of the master bedroom is one of the best spots for your weed, especially in the beginning stages of childhood. Once kids start becoming a little more curious, a new secret spot might be necessary.
  5. Explore lockboxes and child proof containers. A small safe, a cabinet that locks,  even a jewelry safe. CoolJarz and Cannador cannasters are becoming really popular and useful for keeping your cannabis concealed and are absolutely perfect for pot smoking parents.
  6. Be the most secure with any sources of fire (lighters and matches).
  7. Have cautious and discreet options. Kids have eyes in the back of their head. If your favorite way to smoke out of a  four-foot bong then your children are probably going to ask some questions and be a little intrigued. Use common sense and have other reasonable methods for getting high when there is a chance of being caught in the act. Think one hitters, portable vaporizers, mini-bongs as other options to smoke more discreetly.
  8. Find a time that is right for you and your children to educate them about marijuana. This is by far one of the most important tip. If your kids have the correct knowledge they will be able to make more informed decisions should they ever come to contact with marijuana.

Marijuana in the home does not have to be seen or considered to be a danger. If treated with the same caution  as you would use with alcohol, your pot stash can easily stay hidden and safe with small children in your household.


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