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Portlands First Marijuana Friendly Hotel

Marijuana Friendly Hotel

Jupiter Hotel 420 Experience

I never get to go out on the company’s dime. We are pretty lean here at The Daily Leaf and in startup mode, it’s normal. When we decided to stay at the Jupiter Hotel to do some research, I jumped at the chance. Let me start off by saying that the Jupiter Hotel reminds me of a party hotel. There are great vibes, and everyone goes there to have fun, It’s safe to say that this is not a family hotel. You have the Doug Fir lounge underneath which is always busy, a full bar, and lots of good looking people everywhere.

Lets get down to the 420 experience and what DOPE Magazine has created for everyone:

Marijuana Friendly Hotel

I checked in at around 3pm or so on a Friday afternoon and I was definitely ready to have a good time. I walked into the lobby, directly across from the Doug Fir entrance (my friends had a hard time finding the lobby or my room) and took everything in. There is a manakin with a pair of ladies underwear on with “Jupiter Hotel” written on it and guys wearing Rip City hats behind the counter. I like different, and this place is definitely hip and not like any hotel I have ever stayed at. I walked up to the counter and asked the gentleman if I could check in, he said absolutely and got me in within a few minutes. I pre-ordered the 420 Package from their website the day before because I like to procrastinate. I expected him to hand me a small box with some items in it based on the description, but he didn’t hand me anything. I thought to myself, well it’s probably in my room to be discrete. I walked up to my room which was located over the bar patio which I loved! After getting to my room and I noticed nothing resembling a 420 package, I called the front desk and told them the dilemma. The gentleman said that he would check on my request and get back to me soon. 5 minutes later a gentleman with a large box was at my door and apologized for them not having the box in my room before I got there, (this is a new promo so I expected some hiccups) but I was very happy with the service they provided.

Now to the box of goodies:

Marijuana Friendly Hotel

When I first opened the box, I was shocked. For $50 they sure jam a lot of products in the package and have a large variety of materials to help guide a tourist through the cannabis market here in Portland. The first thing that was popped out was the Dope Magazine apparel, a cool hat and a t-shirt to kick it in after I smoked. The second thing I picked up was the Dopen. This is a battery for a CO2 vape cartridge with a floral print that reminds me of a fresh Hawaiian shirt. The second thing I picked up was a flyer for Afterdark Cookies, which will deliver fresh out of the oven cookies as well as Salt and Straw Ice Cream pints to your door after 8pm, super cool! I noticed some natural snacks as well as some small gourmet chocolate bits for you to consume with red eyes, I am sure. A small mason jar was rolling around so I cracked that bad boy open to see what was inside.

Marijuana Friendly Hotel

The mason jar from BridgeTown Weed Tour includes the following:

Nectar Rolling Papers

Nectar Lighter

Raw Rolling Machine

Free Pre-Roll Vouchers From:



A Plastic Grinder

Canna Cards (Marijuana Trading Cards)

Raw Hemp Wick

and various stickers.

Marijuana Friendly Hotel

You are not allowed to smoke weed in your room due to Oregon Health laws, but you have everything you will need if you are traveling to Portland to experience recreational marijuana. I would say that this is the best hotel to stay at if you are looking to have a good time.  Check out our slideshow below to see everything that came in our kit. We are giving ours away so make sure you sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website.

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