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On December 21, 2016, Portland lifted its ban on delivery of recreational cannabis to consumers. As with any type of cannabis licensing requirements in Portland, businesses will need to be licensed by the City of Portland as well as the state to be able to deliver.

To be licensed by the State of Oregon, a business must apply for a marijuana retailer license with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), and be approved for Delivery Registration by the agency.  See Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 845-025-2880.  Once a business receives its state license and Delivery Registration, the City of Portland offers two types of delivery licenses, one as a Marijuana Retailer and another as a Marijuana Retail Courier. See Portland City Code 14B. 130.

Aside from application and licensing fees, the significant difference between a marijuana retailer license and a marijuana retail courier license is that a retail courier licensee may not allow consumers to enter its premises.  Rather, a retail courier licensee may only make deliveries.  To obtain a retail courier license, a business will still require a licensed building that will act as a headquarters, with all the security, electrical, and air filtration requirements.

There are few other difference between a retail courier license and marijuana retail license.  For example, the City law does not require a 1,000-foot barrier between cannabis retail courier locations and other cannabis retail businesses. This means that a building licensed for cannabis courier services could be right next door to a licensed cannabis retailer, so long as the buildings are properly zoned and compliant with both state and local regulations. It is important to note also, that under state rules, a Marijuana Retail Courier licensee must develop its own supply chain, and may not purchase marijuana from a licensed Marijuana Retailer and then deliver it to consumers. 

If you or someone you know is interested in entering the cannabis industry in Oregon, please contact Green Light Law Group to let us assist you with the process.