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Mango Strain Review

I got the opportunity to try Novik’s Mango strain, which tasted just as fruity as it sounds. I believe the fruity strains have a much more unique and larger taste range making them not just more noticeable but also easier to smoke. Novik brought full flavor to my “it’s been a long day” joint with this Mango strain. Leave no mistake however juicy this mango is be ready and prepared for total dry mouth. Stopping to get something to kill the cotton mouth is still completely worth the smoke because this Mango cannabis strain is a 50/50 hybrid with dominating indica effects. The effects after smoking were a cross between complete relaxation and a naturally euphoric mindset. Half way though my joint I had forgotten about my long day and had settled into my own mango garden of Eden. With my body and mind tied into a lovely dance of relaxation and euphoria (beverage in hand), I was all of the sudden hit with a fit of giggles. Not an overwhelming sense of giggle, but the kind you get when you see a cat miss its jump kind of giggle.
This smooth sailing high, with the mix of the inviting juicy flavor, and the solid dense nug of the mango is a sure way to end your day with out the intense knock out most indica strains tend to be known for. A positive way to end your long day in a much needed happy place.
Novik Industries is well known for their multiple high quality strains throughout many Oregon dispensaries. Recently Novik Industries was featured in the Path To Totality Dispensary Tour. Novik Industries joined us giving away free gear and great gifts in celebration of the eclipse at a few of Portland’s best dispensaries. If you missed Novik Industries during the tour be sure to follow them @novikindustries on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.