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Hailing from the top of the line flower cultivated by Fire Bros and another one of their rarified phenotypes is the mythical ManBearPig OG. This bizarre blend of Animal Cookies and Legend OG is a ferocious beast that will leave users baited into believing that they can handle the brute force of this hallucinatory hybrid.

The claws on the nugs of ManBearPig OG are as thick as the smoky musky aroma that carries woody accents that tear through the nostrils. A chemmy pine combined with a spicy rousing fragrance similar to thai chillies is just a glimpse into the head trip that follows. The wild features of this behemoth of a hybrid will uncage the creature within. While some may consider strains that fall into the kush and cookie categories somewhat prehistoric or played out, ManBearPig OG will restore the delusion that all smokers can handle being hogtied by such a tenacious strain.

The overbearing high of ManBearPig OG from Fire Bros will have users thinking that pigs can fly because of the frenzy of feelings that lead into a mirage of cerebrally stimulating visuals. Not quite a mind numbing strain, ManBearPig OG grits its teeth and has quite the bite with sedating full body relief and will have you hogging all the munchies. Get ready to chill like a pig in a blanket as you’ll be overtaken and immobilized by the relaxing comfort that will fall upon you.

ManBearPig tends to tongue tie some consumers, the more you smoke the more wrapped up the brain will be as it buzzes with a dormant displaced energy. Some will say it’s inconceivable but this is no fantasy, ManBearPig OG will make the senses and emotions burst with a roaring potent rush of carefree candor. Too much to tame, the animalistic traits of ManBearPig OG will be a highly hunted strain from the Fire Bros family.