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Time to put the “lazy stoner” myth to bed, thanks Roger Boyd, who recently cycled 19,000 miles around the world – while stoned. “There are no limits to my daily amounts – of weed or distance,” he observed.

The Brit describes himself as “some kind of bike-riding stoner evangelist on a mission to challenge outdated ideas about cannabis.”

Boyd he says his efforts are an attempt to make a contribution to the international campaign to normalise cannabis use.

Boyd (a pseudonym) starts his day by riding 20 miles, then he stops to vape some weed, and then he carries on riding with a few more stops throughout the day. “It’s great to break up the bike ride and makes the next 20 miles go quickly,” he said.

Between August 2015 and September 2017, Boyd covered 19,000 miles across Europe, India, Nepal, Australia and New Zealand.

“I’ve always loved getting out on my bike and doing exercise while stoned,” he said.

“The idea for my cycling around the world adventure came to me one night, but there wasn’t much on the Internet about vaping and exercise.

“There is a negative perception about people who use cannabis compared to those who use alcohol but alcohol is more harmful – there’s an imbalance there.

“I’m perfectly lucid and safe when I ride – it just helps me eat up the miles.”

Boyd made the switch from combustible cannabis to vaporized bud, and his goal is to spread the gospel of the vape pen to everyone he can.

“After over a decade of smoking I could feel my lungs weren’t very healthy and I thought enough is enough. I stopped smoking and within three months I felt such a difference.”

He added: “Believe it or not I am trying to be an anti-smoking campaigner because I know how much of a difference quitting smoking made to my health.”

Boyd worked and saved for nine years for his last trip and now wants to take 18-20 months to do a Pan-American high-way tour from South to North America and then across Canada.

“Last time it was all self-funded. It’d be good to have some kind of sponsorship next time.”

“Last time it was all self-funded. It’d be good to have some kind of sponsorship next time.”