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Talk about thinking green. A medical marijuana dispensary in Gardiner, Maine, offered some encouragement for locals to clean up the town: the dispensary would hand out trash bags, and bags returned full by the end of July 22nd could be traded for a gram of cannabis.

Dennis Meehan, the owner of¬†Summit Medical Marijuana, offered residents who were 21 years of age or older free cannabis if they helped collect trash, and he’s hoping to expand the “day of service” program, as he called it, to the rest of the state. Part of the goal is to bring awareness to the “life changing” nature of cannabis, according to Meehan. This is possible because gifting marijuana is entirely legal in the state.

The originally posted on their facebook about the program, giving out two trash bags starting at the beginning of the day, which would have to be returned by closing time. “We will gift a gram of cannabis for each bag filled and brought back to us. Hoping other providers across Maine would like to do this with us. Let’s clean up Maine neighborhoods!”

As he sees it, it’s a win-win: people can try cannabis for the first time and even gain some understanding of the plant by visiting the dispensary or just re-stock their pot stash, and they help clean up the town. It’s an all-together wholesome scheme, but not everyone is convinced: the facebook page of the dispensary, which originally advertised the promotion, has dealt with some pushback in comments and has reported some issues with attempts to expand the program as well.

That said, they also posted pictures of an overflowing dumpster with approximately another dumpster’s worth of garbage piled up in front of it: clearly the program was popular with some residents of the town. Meehan is now attempting to expand the effort to other cities in the state.