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Lunchbox Alchemy uses the best quality Oregon grown cannabis to handcraft and create all concentrates and edibles. They utilize independent lab testing that establish and verify the high standards they focus on and strive for: high potency product with no residual solvents, pesticides, fungus or mold. LunchBox Alchemy objective to provide users and patients with high quality medicinals that are always safe and just as effective.

Bend, OR based edible and extraction company, Lunchbox Alchemy, capitalizes on light hydrocarbon extraction, as well as alcohol extraction to create and produce all of their cannabis products. Full plant extract is provided by soluble ready Chlorophyll, which has proven and shown medicinal effectiveness for a variety of ailments. They also use 190 proof ethyl alcohol to produce their Lunchbox Oil, using a similar method to Rick Simpson’s famed RSO.

In any event , they use a closed-loop light hydrocarbon extraction system to craft their hash oils made from propane and butane. Light hydrocarbon extraction is essentially non-polar, and therefore does not extract undesirables such as chlorophyll and plant alkaloids, conserving choice and delicate terpenes. This method produces one of the cleanest cannabis extracts available.

Lunchbox Alchemy crafts all edibles with a decarboxylated, food grade BHO. From shattered sugar glass and gummies, to macaroons, pretzels and almonds, they supply a little something for everyone. Their edibles are available in a variety of flavors, textures, and potencies to please the palate of newcomers and veterans alike.