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Lunchbox Alchemy popped onto our radar with an impressive Blue Dream BHO shatter, boasting 74% THC, and a hint of CBD(0.8%). This Blue Dream oil is perfect for dabs or an oil pen, and we tried bot several times, just to be sure.

When dabbed it hits fairly smoothly and doesn’t cause that awful pinch in the throat that lesser-quality BHO can sometimes cause. Vaporized in a pen, it tastes amazing. I made the happy mistake of hitting it a dozen times in a short span of time while watching a movie, and I have to admit: I don’t remember how that movie ended.

Personally, I’m looking forward to checking out their PHO(Propane Hash Oil) as well as their Sugar Wax. Lunchbox Alchemy’s Blue Dream BHO shatter is absolutely worth looking out for on your next trip to the dispensary.

lunchbox alchemy is All Over Oregon.

“Our mission is to craft only the finest cannabis-infused edibles, extracts and concentrates on the market. And we mean the whole cannabis market, recreational to medical, statewide, from the high desert to the rocky coast. Providing a breadth of products from hard candy to cookies, shatter to sugar wax, cartridges to capsules, and much much more, we promise to keep you fully equipped and 100% satisfied.

“Some of the most exciting developments in cannabis are taking place in the field of extraction.  And at Lunchbox Alchemy, our master extractors continue to push the boundaries of quality and innovation, using state-of-the-art, closed-loop systems and the finest medical-grade solvents, filtered and distilled twice in-house to ensure the utmost purity.

While the end goal of extraction is a singular one, to provide the consumer with a safe, flavorful, and consistently potent product, the equipment and methodologies used can vary considerably, resulting in an equally marvellous medley of choices! From Shatter to Sugar Wax, PHO to Live Resin, Rosin to Distillate, the world of extracts is one undergoing constant evolution, and we’ll be there leading the charge.”