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The LTRMN Cabana joint tube looks more like a product you’d see at Sephora rather than on the shelf’s at your favorite dispensary. Their doob tube is sleek and eye pleasing due to its calming baby blue and white color scheme. Maybe the reason why it looks so high end is because it is so high end.

Cabana goes above and beyond with their joint line and it shows. First they suss out what they consider to be best-of-breed farms. Then hand pick one strain chosen out of several that are tested for flavor, potency plus the over all experience. Once a strain is selected a limited run of no more than 900 joints are produced. The joints are hand finished to ensure a smooth burn from beginning to end.

Upon opening the joint tube I notice a Spanish cedar lining thats used to regulate the humidity and temperature preserving the taste and freshness of the joint. WOW! That’s a first! When you remove the joint take note the crutch is baby blue wrapped in white rice paper matching the look of the tube it comes in. It’s a subtle yet clever touch that shows an eye for detail.

The strain is Dogwalker (a cross between Albert Walker OG x Chemdawg 91) and the producer is Doghouse Farms. This hybrid clocks in at 25% THC, .11% CBD and weighs in at a gram. Upon first light the joint jumped to life giving smooth tasty pulls. Around the 4th hit the joint produces a firm gray ash that silver smoke slowly swirls out from. It’s the 5th toke where I become mesmerized by the smoke than I realize three very important things: 1) I’m stoned and 2) I still have three quarters of the joint left and 3) I may tap out and not be able to finish this J because its strong and the effects took hold quickly.

On my lucky 7th hit I’m come to terms with the flavor profile. It’s a little funky more so than skunky with an interesting umami left hanging out on the edge of my tongue. It’s earthy. Notes of mushrooms, hints of woods and nuts present themselves on the inhale. On the 8th wack I put the joint down and see there’s a nice size roach saved for a fast wiz bang pick me up for later.

I then reread my description of the weed I just smoked and laughed at myself then thought holy fuck! I’m writing pot reviews! Then for no reason at all I felt like I should go trim my beard a little. Yup, this is a fun cerebral high that will make you giggle a little, be thoughtful and slightly introspective while your body feels relaxed. The perfect end of day smoke. All in all, from the packaging to the magical cannabis, Cabana and Doghouse have done a wonderful job catering to the cannabis aficionado by over seeing every detail (and getting me mighty high while writing this review!).

Jordy loves joints

Producer: Doghouse

Strain: Dogwalker

THC 25%

CBD .11%


Harvest 11.27.17

Weight 1 gram

Distributor LTRMN