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Sometimes, we go into the dispensary thinking we’re going to pick out a specific strain. But then, the budtender shows us a gorgeous bud or sticks a jar terpy terpy nose burning goodness in front of our face, and then we go home with something entirely unexpected. We think fragrance is a great way to make your marijuana choices, but appearance is probably a little less relevant. This time, however, we made a purchase based on thoroughly arbitrary silly metric: it’s name. We admit it, we just wanted to take a little trip with the LSD strain. The results were just fine and dandy.

This LSD strain, from Pilot Farms – a consistent producer – comes with small, light colored buds of medium density that are dusted in a heavy coating of fine white trichomes with dense but short amber pistils. The fragrance – which is outstanding – is a mix of spicy and citrus with an unexpectedly hazy sweetness. Not too much of that sweetness comes through on the burn, but it is a smooth burning and easy cure.
We’re not sure quite what to make of the strain. It was sold to us as an indica, Leafly lists it as a hybrid, and we felt effects that we would more typically associate with a sativa. It tends to smell more like a sativa as well. In any case, some sativas don’t work for us because we struggle with the anxiety they produce. We’re likely to come back to this one, though. It left us ready to move around and be active without any uncomfortable buzziness or paranoia. It may be a good choice for indica heads who are looking for an active buzz to keep them going. While this LSD trip won’t be too long or particularly strange, it might just be worth taking.