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DSC_5925We love running into a High CBD strain that holds up in flavor and aroma profile. The Frank’s Gift at Botanica is the perfect example. The scent is straight up cherry fruit snacks with a hint of strawberry jello. Breaking into the sizable nugs revealed more syrupy cherry flavors with a slight whiff of ripe guava.  These fresh buds were sticky and juicy and seemed like a great fit for the rosin press, or the perfect easy to roll joint. A great addition to your daily smoke jar or a perfect intro to high CBD strains.

DSC_5938Panda Farms produced this beautiful Jack Herer and we picked it up directly from Bridge City Collective. A passing sniff at the jar intrigues with a hint of peak summer berry lemonade. Tearing into the buds reveals candied orange, sweet raspberry and just a touch of vegetal grape leaf. Besides the confident grin and bout of contagious giggles, we really loved this strain for the sweet smell of bubblegum stuck to our fingers after breaking it up.

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