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In Los Angeles, a new ordinance is intended to reduce children’s exposure to cannabis ads. They know kids can’t get high by looking at ads, right? Otherwise, all our kids would be overweight from fast food ads. Oh, wait…

The  Los Angeles law’s alleged purpose is to ban cannabis ads within 700 feet of areas that are likely to be occupied by minors.

The ordinance pertains to different types of cannabis ads that will be restricted by this ordinance, including, but not limited to “temporary signs on temporary construction walls, a poster, placard, device, graphic display, or any other form of commercial advertising for Cannabis, Cannabis Products, or Cannabis Activity.”

The ordinance says that the location restrictions on public cannabis ads are not to come within 700 feet of “any School, Public Park, Public Library, Alcoholism or Drug Abuse Recovery or Treatment Facility, Day Care Center, and Permanent Supportive Housing.”

The distance from such areas is slightly over the measured equivalent of two football fields.

According to Dr. Elizabeth D’Amico, some cannabis ads encouraged consumers to use cannabis as hangovers cures, stress alleviation, or to promote relaxation.

“Results suggest that exposure to MM advertising may not only play a significant role in shaping attitudes about marijuana but may also contribute to increased marijuana use and related negative consequences throughout adolescence,” as D’Amico claimed in the conducted study.

While there is certainly some sound logic to the idea of reducing exposure of cannabis to minors, we can’t help but think there are more harmful products being advertised in sight of children which receive less scrutiny. Fast food, if consumed frequently, is proven to be more harmful than daily use of marijuana. Recently-legal cannabis in California is an easy target for those who wish to focus on the mostly-harmless plant rather than their own parenting skills and educating their children about responsible, adult use of cannabis as medicine or recreation.

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