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lit sticks at rip city remediesThere’s no doubt that many of us will be out and about browsing for edibles and concentrates around town, considering they are now available to recreational users 21 and up. Marijuana can be enjoyed in so many different styles, but one of my favorite ways to indulge and the most time-honored is the pre-rolled joint. LIT Sticks wants to offer consumers a pack of handcrafted pre-rolled cannabis joints that won’t only get you lit, but allow you share the LIT Sticks experience with others in just about any setting.

Every pack of LIT Sticks are 100% premium flower and each pre-rolled joint is perfectly filled with handcrafted cannabis grown with love by PDX Organic Farms. With options of a 3 pack, 5 pack, and their new variety pack; you’ll always have the on the go option that’s perfect for travel, or your daily adventure, but it’s just the beginning.

The first time I tried a LIT Stick was a few weeks back right before a Berner concert. Cherry Pie was the strain of the night and without question this was one of the best pre-rolled joints I’d ever had. Upon opening up my 3 pack of Cherry Pie LIT Sticks I was greeted with one of LIT Sticks many catch phrases “GET LIT”, which instantly made me smile as I grabbed one of the pre-rolled joints. lit as fuck

One of my favorite features of the LIT Sticks is not only does PDX Organic Farms produce some of the highest quality flower, but each individual pre-rolled joint comes in a secured doob tube. I absolutely love the option of keeping my joints safe and secure, so they won’t get bent, broken, or get wet (yes, I accidentally spilled a glass of water on my pack of LIT Sticks). These doob tubes are virtually childproof, so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting their hands on your LIT Sticks. A neat bonus is being able to gift an individual prepackaged pre-rolled joint to any of your friends and keep a couple LIT Sticks for yourself.

PDX Organic Farms and LIT Sticks uses all natural papers because of the soft taste, but also provides for a nice even burn all the way through. Every LIT Stick I’ve ever smoked has never had a run and has always tasted amazing. Whether it’s Dream Queen or Grandpa Larry, every pre-rolled joint has a flavor profile of its very own.

LIT Sticks provides patients and recreational users with one of the finest pre-rolled joint experience available. When they say 100% flower, they mean it. PDX Organics Farms’ handcrafted cannabis is grown indoors in ideal growing conditions. They hand trim and slow cure to ensure the best tasting flower. Every pre-rolled crutched cone if filled perfectly with 100% ground up buds, so you’ll never find any leaves or stems.

LIT Sticks has an array of strains for smokers to choose from and offer a wide variety of pre-rolled joints that are jam packed full of flavor. Each hit from a LIT Stick will light up your smoke session for even the most sophisticated smokers. Available strains include: Gorilla Glue, Blue Dream, Cherry Pie, and Conspiracy Kush, however, keep an eye out for Grandpa Larry, Dream Queen, and the infamous Gummi Bears to hit the dispensary shelves here soon! LIT Sticks are available in packs of 3 which retail for $24, packs of 5 for $35, and variety packs for those of you who like to mix and match. Each LIT Sticks pack contains 3 to 5 pre-roll cannabis joints that are 1 full gram in weight.