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Looking Glass Farms is an award-winning small batch indoor cultivator that makes sure every strain of flower they grow is meant for the true cannabis connoisseur. Consistently exceeding the expectations when premium flower is considered, Looking Glass casts a creative spotlight on everything that’s crafted from product to packaging. With a line of premier strains that would blow the mind of cannabis royalty like Berner, Looking Glass Farms consistently cultivates flower that is beyond fire. Looking Glass just made two fresh drops of their Limited Edition Premium Joints, which include two of their exclusive cultivars available in 2 gram premium joint packs just in time for the holidays!

The Agent Orange Limited Edition Premium Joints by Looking Glass Farms is one of only cuts of the strain that is currently available in Oregon. This strain is now considered rare but it’s still one of the sweetest tasting strains I’ve ever tried. Looking Glass always tacks on plenty of terps to allow us smokers to savor the orange zest seasoning that spills bits of citrus into the air. Agent Orange vigorously revitalizes any drowsiness or burned out feelings. Simply put; the “wake and bake” standard has been set and while Looking Glass’ Agent Orange hits you hard in the head, it will leave the most aggravated attitude and turn your aura into one that is happy and giggly.

PitBull Limited Edition Premium Joints by Looking Glass Farms is a hats off to the original breeder but is still considered a classic cultivar of Oregon! The PitBull high isn’t as tenacious as once thought, but casually eases you into a cuddly mood or even lounge mode. One PitBull preroll burned so slow and smoked so smooth it lasted through a whole half of a Seahawks MNF game. Having no experience of this strain and the flavor profile, I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet scent of huckleberries and equally as taken aback by the earthy musky notes. A true champion may be able to get past this one-hitter-quitter with a few fresh puffs that for only a few moments brings about a cerebral rush of euphoria. Camping on the joint won’t be coined as party foul since Looking Glass’ PitBull prerolls have a body buzz so powerful that your brain won’t even notice the fact that you haven’t hit the joint in over 5 minutes.