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Lately, we’ve been finding some prices that feel too good be true; dank dank marijuana coming at us for bargain basement prices. Often, we’re anxious: it looks resinous and smells terpy, but if it costs so little, can it really be any good? But when we dig a little bit deeper, we often find that the grow isn’t cheap because it’s bad, it’s cheap because it was grown directly by the dispensary where we buy it. By cutting out the middleman – or vertically integrating, as the nerds say – dispensaries are able to deliver us top notch product. So when we walked into Kaleafa and inquired about their mysterious “feel good” strain, we discovered that it was actually their own potent homegrown Lime-Warp strain.

Our friendly budtender wasn’t able to tell us much about the strain, but if the internets are to be believed, it’s a cross between Las Vegas Purple Kush (a Daily Leaf favorite) and Neville’s Haze. And if the look and smell of the bud are any indication, the internets are right. The large, long, dense, and purple-tipped buds are phenotypically similar to Las Vegas Purple Kush, but the sweet aroma – terpy like whoa – is reminiscent of a classic haze. A moderate yellow coat of trichomes covers the blue infused buds with a fine sprinkling of light colored pistils.
The sweetish haze aroma is retained through combustion, but this dank grow hits the lungs hard, prompting a cough or two in even the most expert of smokers. The hybrid strain has definite indica lean, with noted body relaxation and a low-stress profile, but it lacks the heavy couch lock that can often accompany such strains. This long lasting powerhouse is a top pick for expert smokers looking for heavy relaxation without sedation and fatigue. Here at the Leaf, we’re big fans of vertical integration.