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These days, it seems that just about every stoner with a connection in China is branding and distributing another concentrate vape pen. With an onslaught of barely differentiated product, it’s difficult – even for us – to figure out which are good and which are garbage. A great number come through our office and – because life is hard – we try them out so you don’t have to. One of the rare items to pass our tests with flying colors is the Lillian Mini wax pen.

Many concentrate vape solutions are plastic construction – at least on the outside – and that makes nervous about what kind of volatile compounds we might be inhaling along with our THC. The Lillian Mini is, as vape pens should be, made of metal and glass.  It comes in both a double coil and ceramic plate version. While we enjoy the easy cleaning and durability of the ceramic bake plate – which we’re told also works with flower – the double coil version really cooks and proved the best option in our eyes.

The Lillian Mini wax pen is easy to use. Unscrewing one end allows you to charge with the included USB charger. Unscrewing the other end exposes the coils, into which you can dab your wax, shatter, budder, crumble, or concentrate of your choice. Screw the head back on and you’re ready to vape.

The Lillian Mini heats up fast so although you might not get abundant smoke on hit number one, you’ll get there soon enough. That heat dissipates fairly quickly, though, so the pen doesn’t get uncomfortable. And this pen can be found for as little as twenty dollars online. Similar offerings (albeit with slightly more design sense) at Linx go for three times the price.

It’s hard to say after a couple of uses whether any pen will hold up to sustained use, but the Lillian Mini seems to be made from solid construction. At first glance, it’s a top choice for quick and easy concentrate vaping on the go.