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We picked up this Lemon Haze strain on accident. When we stepped into the dispensary to pick up another strain entirely, we were not able to turn down the promotion the shop had on offer when we picked up a second, discounted gram. Though we typically prefer strains that run indica, and giveaway grams rarely come from the finest product, this sativa dominant hybrid ended up offering an unexpected treat.

Indeed, this grow does look like much when you first remove it from the packaging. The buds are small, dark, and leafy, with a distinctly low trichome coverage and a few dark orange hairs peeking out. The fragrance is not much to write home about either; an unimpressive dried grassiness that didn’t live up to the lemon promise of the strain’s name and reputation. But after we put them in the grinder, the buds released a pronounced and pleasant sweetish haze smell that belied their prior grassiness. We found that the fruity terpene profile was present in the taste of the strain even after combustion, despite its mild bouquet.
The experience was remarkably similar to the Sour Berry Kush that we tried just the day before, although that hybrid strain was reported to lean indica. The sativa dominant Lemon Haze strain produced an energetic body high that was strong without being overpowering. Definitely a great match for activities in the outdoors, but unless you’re keen on snow sports (and we caution against cannabis excesses in areas with a hypothermia risk), you might prefer it for a brisk house cleaning as the Oregon temperatures fall. While the seriously heavy users might find the strain isn’t quite up to the mark in potency, it’s certainly enough to leave the casual user’s head spinning. We’d pick it up again, even if we didn’t get the discount.