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The other day we had a chance to sit down with Carrie Solomon, one of the owners of Leif Medicinals, a family owned company based in Portland. They create all natural and organic edibles and topicals, and are contiuing to release a few new products to add to their high quality edible line. From chai latte chocolate bars made with black tea courtesy of The Jasmine Pearl to dark chocolate truffles, Leif Medicinals has all the right ingredients to make a superb high-end edible for the masses to enjoy.

This month Leif Medicinals released their latest fair trade, soy free, non GMO chocolate bar; Mocha Crunch. This 55% dark chocolate bar is made with Ristretto Roasters coffee, crumbles of almond biscotti from Roman Candle Baking Co, and packs 96MG of THC. Besides great taste, and organic ingredients, Leif Medicinals has made a point to connect with locally owned Oregon-based companies to supplement their products and create exclusive relationships. With partnerships in place with The Jasmine Pearl and Ristretto Roaster’s, Leif Medicinals is exploring the opportunity to be the Salt & Straw of the cannabis edibles market.

Leif Medicinals’ journey in the cannabis industry started like most others…creating products because the market was lacking; there was a specific need that wasn’t being met. Their story begins with topical salves in 2014. Carrie and her husband felt that the market was promoting a lot of greasy and chunky salves, and that there was room to make a better more efficient product. By investing a little more into quality materials, Leif Medicinals was able to make a more stable product that got outstanding reviews from customers and dispensaries alike. With a stamp of approval from the community they began to focus the company’s energy on high quality edible products.

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Leif Medicinals took the approach with their Chocolate Bar line to create a brand that embodied what you would find in a New Seasons or Whole Foods. Their packaging, logo, and entire image speaks to a well-rounded consumer who cares about the ingredients that go into their bodies. With this mantra of sorts in mind, it was important for Leif Medicinals to train the dispensaries that sold their products to make sure that their products would indeed sell. With a price point slightly more elevated than the rest, it takes a budtenders knowledge of what they are selling to direct a customer in their direction. This goes hand-in-hand with choosing the right locations to carry their products. Leif Medicinals saw their profits rise by choosing to work with less shops so they could establish sound relationships and an appreciation for their brand.

Leif Medicinals product line currently includes 3 chocolate bars, CBD rich truffles made from Tora Ma flower, high THC truffles, almond butter, and a soon to be released high CBD chocolate bar to round out their top shelf selections for medical OMMP patients. With recreational sales of edibles right around the corner, Leif Medicinals has been preparing for the new regulations that will define how they can sell their edibles to the mass public. They will not be able to sell their edibles in the high dose that they normally do, and will have to tailor their offerings to meet criteria set forth by the OLCC. The team at Leif Medicinals has been staying on top of packaging and labeling requirements, child safety precautions, and everything else that this new emerging industry of cannabis in Oregon is putting in place.

For a company that really cares about the product they put out to the public, Leif Medicinals is hitting all the right notes with our team at The Daily Leaf. Their edibles taste great, are made with sound ingredients, and are progressing into the future with confidence. Word on the street is that Leif Medicinals is working on a separate edible line to appeal to a different segment of the market… Once we have a little more information we will be sure to inform!

If you are looking for Leif Medicinals edible products they could be found in various shops around town.

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