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We are 4 weeks into our 4 plant grow cycle with My Urban Greenhouse utilizing their undercurrent home grow system. Last month we set up one of My Urban Greenhouse’s home grow systems, and went over how to set the system up.  We shoed how easy it is to get a home grow going now that it is completely legal in Oregon to grow 4 personal plants.  One of My Urban Greenhouse’s home grow systems can be as cheap as $695! This includes everything you need (minus the clones) to grow easily in your home. This includes LED lights!

We wanted to feature My Urban Greenhouse because we felt that their grow systems were extremely easy to understand and use.  They pride their systems on the ability to grow with upkeep only once a week.  This was the point we wanted to harp on.  Can it be this easy? If it takes only 1 feeding a week how could we get it wrong?  We are not expert growers, so we are utilizing Steve Lewis, Founder of My Urban Greenhouse, to walk us through each step as we go.

We plan on updating everyone every time we make a move with these plants so that when you consider growing at home, you can use our videos and knowledge being shared by Mr. Lewis for your own grow.  We will have a lot of additional content to share as we go over the next few months.  These 4 plants started as clones and are now growing huge.  With this video update we are doing our first trim job and also setting up a trellis so that we can navigate where these ladies grow.

Please let us know if you are interested in talking more with My Urban Greenhouse to grow your own cannabis at home! We would be more than happy to make an introduction and get you the proper help that you need

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